Cooking with ABC Radio National for Persian New Year (Nowruz)

“… Niloofar Ebrahimi Tofighi explains the symbolism of the haft seen table and Hamed Allahyari from Hamed’s Persian Kitchen shows Buffy Gorrilla how to make sabzi polo, a herbed rice dish with tahdig – a crunchy bread…” Click here to read more and listen to the radio podcast.

Broadsheet Article: “More Than Just a Cooking Class”

“… Between mouthfuls of the delicate rosewater and pistachio halva the group has just made, Hamed asks us whether we are enjoying the food. We are. But perhaps more enjoyable is seeing someone who has fled turmoil making his way in Australia. His enthusiasm for Persian cooking is undoubted, as is his desire to share this with others – through these cooking classes for now, and perhaps in his own small cafe in the future…” Click here to read more.

Interview for Highpoint Life in Colour

“… Hamed’s food often harks back to his family traditions.
‘Both my mother and father are good cooks. I use their dishes in my classes which gives me happiness. I love to tell people about my culture and traditions, it’s all new to them so I love to share with them my story’….” Click here to read more.

Click here to view a youtube video of my interview.

The Design Files: Freed to Feed’s Persian Nougat

“… We were lucky enough to have Hamed Allahyari of Free to Feed and Julia Busuttil Nishimura of OSTRO introduce us to some of Iran’s most popular sweet and savoury dishes. This Persian rosewater and pistachio sticky nougat, known as ‘Gaz’ to locals, is simply outstanding! …” Click here to read more.

The Design Files: Free to Feed’s Felafel

“…Born in Tehran, and having owned a cafe in his hometown, Hamed dreams of opening another in Melbourne one day, and is passionate about Persian cuisine. Together with Julia, Hamed has been bringing some of his favourite recipes to life in his cooking classes over at Free to Feed, along with other great classes by a host of teachers from diverse backgrounds. Today the pair teach us how to make the tastiest homemade felafel ever…” Click here to read more.